Used since the XVII century as Aromateria (aroma room), it was the room where the distilled water was stored and because of this it is called “Room of the Waters”. The walls are completely frescoed with stories of the Passion of Christ by Mariotto di Nardo between 1385 and 1405.

In 2012, for the company’s 400 year anniversary, all the premises of Via della Scala were restored and without a doubt the sacristy of the former Chapel of San Niccolò is the place that aroused the greatest interest, in part because of the result achieved. In the original fresco of the XIV century, the nineteenth century intervention had the greatest impact: the vault was in fact entirely repainted and on a starry sky background, the four Evangelists were inserted.

With the current restoration, Daniela Dini managed to completely rid the vault of the nineteenth century painting, returning to the original painting di Mariotto di Nardo: under the four nineteenth Century Evangelists, three saints and a bishop emerged.

un vescovo (San Niccolò)

San Niccolò

un benedettino (San Benedetto)

San Benedetto

un francescano (San Bernardo di Quintavalle)

San Bernardo di Quintavalle

un domenicano (San Tommaso)

San Tommaso