The Green Room, looking out on the garden, was built between 1335 and 1337, between the monastery’s infirmary and the chapel. The first commercial activity started here. There were pyramid-shaped stoves in this room for distilling, kilns and many glass and ceramic instruments.

In the eighteenth century the Green Room became the reception room for important guests, to whom the Specialities of the Pharmacy were served such as:

Alkermes or Elisir of China, but in particular Chocolate in a cup, a very fashionable drink at the time.

To the right, on the wall, the effigy of the Dominican saint, Pietro da Verona, by Matteo Rosselli dominates the area. On the facing wall, the coat of arms of with its richly carved and gilded frame, under which is the marble bust of Fra’ Tommaso Valori, Director.

Above are the portraits of all the directors of the Officina since 1612, year of the official foundation, to the present day.


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